Master of Fate

Felix, a werewolf half-blood, was torn away from the woman he loved three hundred years ago. He suffered the tortures of the damned to protect her, but failed. Haunted by torture and unable to bear another’s touch, Felix has lived alone, tormented, for centuries. 

Aurora, one of the most despised witches in the world, has just escaped three hundred years in hell. When she must team up with Felix to fight a mysterious threat, she’s shocked to find her old love still alive. She wants him more than ever, but the boy she’d once loved has become a hardened warrior tortured by a past he won’t share. 

After a mysterious force drags them back in time, Felix and Aurora must discover who is trying to destroy them. With their lives on the line, their passion flames ever hotter. Though he’s wanted Aurora for centuries, can’t touch her. Can two broken immortals fight their demons from the past in time to save one another?

What an amazing story about a second chance at love. This is the first book I’ve read from Linsey Hall, and if this is any indication on what her other stories are like, I’m definitely going to be checking out others by her. If you’re looking for a story that keeps you on your toes, but also leaves you feeling hot in all the right places, this is the book for you!
— Michele at Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews
You’ll be rooting for this star-crossed lovers! They both have made utter sacrifices for the person they love! And it’s sweet and wonderful and it will leave you feeling so dreamy and warm-hearted. Not to mention the sexy scenes that will make you swoon!
— Kaye, Amazon Reviewer